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Since ancient times, even before the Greeks hosted the Olympic games, team sports have been a part of human civilization.  There is a good reason: team sports have many benefits both in and beyond the physical.  Team sports have been implemented for social, military, and other purposes for arguably thousands of years. And why? Because it’s fun.

Even if you are not an athletic juggernaut, sports are an entertaining and fulfilling endeavor in its own right. Here are just a few reasons why you should participate in a team sport.

7 Redenen om aan een teamsport te doen

Make Friends

Feeling stuck in a rut with friendships lately?  Maybe you have moved to a new town and you are getting to know the place, or many of your friends have moved away.  Being new to an unfamiliar place or not having family and friends around can lead to feelings of anxiety and isolation.

Prevent these feelings by participating in sports that allow you to interact with others. These new friends can show you around town and get you plugged into a community.

It is also a great way to simply branch out in your own town and get the lay of the land much more quickly.


Improve Critical Thinking

Team sports force you to think quickly on your feet.  In a split second, you must analyze your position, assess the field, and decide the best course of action.  You will also have to learn to communicate verbally and nonverbally with teammates who will be there to support you.

A team mentality forces you to trust and rely on others to reach a common goal.  Scoring is not just about points, but it is also about camaraderie and keeping your mind active.

Keep your mind sharp and on the ball, as it were, by investing your time in a team sport.


Improve Physical Fitness

This may be an obvious point, but it is important nonetheless.  If you are trying to beat your friends in the latest competition on your Fitbit, now is the best time to do so.

You will see a vast difference in your cardiovascular strength, as well as your muscle strength.  Team sports will improve back and core strength, which will make sitting in your desk chair seem a little bit easier.

It has been proven time and again that a solid sixty-minutes of exercise can lead to a longer life, and decreased risk of heart disease and cancer.  Why not put a little time into taking care of your body?

De 7 voordelen van een teamsport | Gezondheidsnet

Elevate Mood

If you are prone to depression, anxiety, or other problems that cause you great stress in life, participate in a team sport and you will find that your mood will likely greatly improve.

Due to the friendships and fitness that is acquired by fitness, your brain will produce less stress hormones and is more likely to release happy hormones such as endorphins.

While not everyone’s depression is solved with a natural cure, many people who experience stressful psychological issues will find solace in a sport that allows you to branch out and gain self-esteem.


Increase Restful Sleep

Studies have shown that exercise helps you sleep better and sounder.  While taking sleeping pills may be the most effective for some, exercise is actually one of the best ways to improve sleep as a natural solution.

Good sleep is essential to your daily function and even your mood.

If you have dull skin, dark circles under your eyes, hazy memory, brain fogginess, or inflammation, sleep is probably one of the solutions for you.  When you sleep, your brain helps to repair your body while it is sedentary.  It improves muscle function, reduces inflammation in joints and the brain, and can even help clear skin.

Pain and skin issues are among the reasons people experience anxiety and depression, so physical activities will help improve this.


Preparing for Your Foray into Sports

Team Sports evolved since ancient times to test our fitness and improve our relationships with others. As social creatures, there are many mental and physical health benefits that come from team sports.  If you are interested in a team sport, prepare yourself with the right accessories.

Look into what your sport requires, such as softball bats at Baseball Monkey, shin guards from Soccer Loco, jerseys, rackets, or anything else that will get you started. Never underestimate the power of new gear; nothing gets you more excited to hit the field than some fancy equipment. Improve your health today by taking advantage of the team sports in your area and reap the many benefits.

Sportfever: De meest sportieve kinderopvang

If you are a parent and are trying to determine whether your children should be involved in team sports, you need to know that there are many excellent reasons to be involved. These are activities which can help build your child’s self esteem, their emotional health as well as their physical health at the same time. Here are some of the reasons that you need to know about that may help you make the decision which is best for your child.

One of the top reasons to be involved in team sports is that it can help contribute to the overall physical fitness of your child. Many children do not have the opportunities for physical activity that they used to and as a result, many have ended up becoming overweight. In fact, childhood morbid obesity is rapidly becoming one of the major health crises facing the youth of today.

By putting your children in team sports, they have the opportunity to get the physical activity that they need. Whether it is at practices, games or tournaments, team sports allow your child to burn off extra energy rather than developing health problems due to excess body weight. It may even spur you on to becoming more physically fit yourself if you end up also enrolling in a team sport at the same time.

Another reason to be involved in team sports are the mental benefits that you will enjoy. Anyone who is involved in team sports will learn important lessons about working with other people and compromise that solo sports do not teach. They learn about how to handle victory as well as defeat, which are lessons that everyone needs to learn in their life. Team sports can help a child gain confidence in their abilities and teach them compassion for others on their team.

Many people feel that team sports teach children unhealthy lessons about competitiveness that may cause problems in life however the reverse is actually true. If they are on a good team, they learn how to deal with handling competition and what to do if they do not succeed. A good coach will teach them that while winning is good, it is not everything and that there are more important things in life than winning a game.

There is a social reason for having your children involved in team sports. Team sports can introduce your child to other children their own age and there can be the formation of lasting friendships. The children have things to talk about at the same time as they are being taught and guided through important life lessons during the course of the sporting season.

If you are still not convinced about the value of team sports, getting to know more about the sports and teams in your area can be a great way to answer any of the questions you may have. You may find that by enrolling your child in team sports they become healthier, happier and more well adjusted than you might have ever believed.